Even more upgrades.

The other day I was lucky to find this AKG P220 condenser microphone for $70.00 That is an amazing price. It was used but in great condition and can with a shock mount and a pop filter.

This microphone is simply amazing. The Addictions Podcast

Is definitely going to benefit from this fantastic microphone. Be sure and check out the latest Episodes.


New Episodes of Addictions

Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile since I posted here. Just wanted to give you all a quick update. We have released a boatload of new episodes of The Addictions Podcast. You can listen to all of the new episodes at The Addictions Podcast Page and on iTunes as well as pretty much anywhere you find podcasts.

I also post links to all of the episodes on the “Episodes” page of my wordpress website here: Episodes

As always, thank you all so much for supporting me and listening to the show. For the month of August alone, the show was played over 1500 times! This is a more than ten-fold increase from the month of July. So I cannot thank you all enough. And as always, Never Quit Quitting!!!

-David W.-

Host and Producer of The Addictions Podcast

Progress Update

So far so good with the Addictions Podcast. It is going well. In fact it is going much better than I ever thought it would. I am currently averaging around 50 to 120 plays a day, from not just all over the US, but all over the planet.

People are listening in Greece, Australia, The UK, Venezuela, South Africa, and many other places. It is truly amazing to see the stats and realize that people are starting to get hooked…. Sorry for the pun.


The past two weeks of the Addictions Podcast ups and downs.

When I first started the podcast, I had no idea what creating a podcast entails. I had no idea the rich community of fellow podcasters which would welcome me with open arms. Everyone has been just so supportive of my effort which is just fantastic! Be sure to listen to the show and subscribe and leave me a review if you listen to the Addictions Podcast on iTunes. Thank you all so very much!


iTunes Screenshot

Triggers Warnings

From here on out, each episode of Addictions will have a disclaimer at the beginning. In the disclaimer I will be letting you know if the episode deals with subject matter that may contain triggers that can often raise the chances of relapse in some addicts.

A listener brought this to my attention the other day, and I feel it is a spectacularly great idea. Feel free to shoot me your thoughts on the show on our Facebook page or in the comments here. Thank you all for listening, and Never Quit Quitting!


Listen to the Addictions Podcast, now available on Overcast.FM

Dealing With Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

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We have a brand new episode up on the podcast page you can listen to it now HERE!

This episode talks about strategies for dealing with various physical withdrawal symptoms from a range of substances. On next weeks episode we will be discussing the more psychological symptoms of withdrawal and tips for dealing with that. So stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, or your favorite podcast directory.

Be sure to follow the Addictions Podcast on facebook at www.facebook.com/addictionspodcast for updates, show notes, and much more.

Thank you all so much for listening,and remember: Never Quit Quitting!


New Episodes

Be sure to check out the last couple of episodes. A couple of changes happening around the Addictions Podcast studio. We have officially found our theme song. I think.

The new episode entitled "Physical Withdrawal Strategies" is now available. Be sure to check it out on your favorite podcast app or directory, or follow the link below.


We have more interviews with current and recovering addicts coming soon!

Episode 7 of Addictions is Up

Hello everyone here is a link for The newest episode of my addictions podcast. This episode touches on legislation regarding the opioid epidemic. If you like the show, please subscribe on iTunes. And be sure to follow the Addictions Facebook page for updates and whatnot.

Episode 07 Of Addictions.

Here is the death rate graph that I talk about on this episode. This is what I do not understand how no one seemed to see this epidemic coming.

As always, thanks for listening.

A better day….

Well, after losing an adapter for some equipment yesterday, and a terrible evening due to that, I feel better today.

Yesterday I was definitely experiencing PAWS symptoms. Post acute withdrawal syndrome. The depression can be so debilitating, even if you are aware of the cause of it. Thankfully I still did not end up using any opioids.

That being said, I can see why PAWS is one of the leading reasons for relapse. But not me. No way. I am never turning back to using drugs. Today I am going to just stay busy and start working on a new episode of the Podcast.

Wish me luck, and as always. Thank you!


Well. I seem to have lost an adapter that came with a recently purchased headset microphone. So the headset is basically useless now. Major bummer. Can't really afford another headset.

The headset would have enabled me to do so much more for the podcast. I am bumming like crazy now. Today was all around a bad day. Got nothing accomplished. Feel like garbage. Maybe even less than garbage. 😦