I am very happy to announce that The Addictions Podcast has developed a partnership of sorts with a couple of different organizations that I really believe are doing great things for people in recovery from addiction.

active addicts

This is an organization created by Joseph Dellucci in Massachusetts which aims to help addicts get healthy and stay active through daily physical exercise. You can find out more about what Active Addicts is all about by visiting

  • If you or your organization would like to play a part in active addicts send an email to

Exercise during addiction recovery is really incredibly important. Physical exercise helps your brain produce endorphins,  which are one of the brains reward chemicals. Endorphins will help with the depression, loss of interest in activities, and many other symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

Sober Worx is an organization with one goal in mind: to organize the best addiction recovery resources on the planet into one location. At their website you will find resources and links to everything from top-rated counseling and treatment centers to five star sober living homes. also features a variety of bloggers and writers who share their stories on the site. The best part of all, SoberWorx will soon be featuring the Addictions Podcast.

So be sure to visit the soberworx website. They are doing some really great things, and make it so easy to find the right resources if you need help with an addiction problem. It is only a click away!